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Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils

015a7e153986e6239f0edb704710b7290a7d7730e1-2Hi Friends,

Just a blog post today rather than a video. I have had some fun playing with my new watercolour pencils from Derwent, I chose the tin that had 36 colours, I think that is the max in the Academy range. I am no expert had no experience with pencils but I have been really very impressed with Derwent, the colours seem to react when water is added. The lines from the pencils do still remain faintly but that is probably due to me rather than the pencils.

The photo I used is from Paint my Photo, and Glennis Weston took the photo, the reason I chose this was because I used to have a clematis just like this in the garden and it was so pretty with the large pale pink flowers.  I did take a picture but is was just one flower and I thought it needed more than just one.

I hope that you have enjoyed this and if any artist should see this please leave any tips in the comments.

Bye for now just of to watercolour a kingfisher wish me luck.

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