Door Tags

Welcome to another project, this one is out of my comfort zone as I have never done anything like this before. I think these came out really cute and they are not as difficult as I though they were goingt to be. I think these would make fantastic gifts especially to poeple who are moving to a new house, we have just helped moved my Grandma to a smaller house talk about stressfull but I think she is settling in fine.

While searching the interet for a storage solultion for my growing stamping ink collection I can across Cand Box Crafts (I did find a ink storage solution) and I found some door tags. I fanced trying some home decor and so this is how the tutorial came about. Any chalk paint would be appropriate but I used Everlong paint in french and double cream from Claire’s CraftHouse. I also used some flowers and background stamps and ink in some blues, greens and pink from stampin up, use what  you have in your stash.

Many thanks Louisa.

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