Bags and boxes, Christmas 2018

Joyous Noel milk carton box

Today I have another milk carton box but this one is a rectangular shape rather than a square one. This has the same measurements and scoreline as the Garden Impressions box but as you can see the boxes couldn’t look any more different. _DSC1387 (2)_DSC1399 (2)
I love a milk carton box as there are so easy to make and depending on the size, colour and decoration can look really quite different. Clearly, I am stocking up on Christmas present gift boxes as I have used the divine Joyous Noel DSP which photos do not do it justice, you really have to have it in your hands to see the beauty of it._DSC1427 (2)SONY DSC Some of the papers in the DSP have some copper foiling in them and so I have paired it with an accent of our copper foil card stock it had a continuity about it.
Although I have stamped Noel on the front of the box I don’t think the two designs that I choose have to be Christmas, it depends what you stamp to go with it and I think it could be a wintery box as well.  SONY DSC_DSC1380 (2)

Click to view the video Tutorial.

Card Stock 11 1/2′ by 8 1/4
score on the long side at 2′, 5 1/2′, 7 1/5′ and 11
turn and score on the short side at 1 1/2′ and 5 3/4 flip over and score at 7 3/4′
turn to the long side with the skinny scoreline at the top, score to the first score line at 1 and 6 1/2.



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