Bags and boxes, Facebook live

Facebook Live 2 inch Cube

For Friday’s live I designed a 2-inch cube with a little bit of a different construction that I’m not sure I have seen. Anyway, the beauty of this box is that it has a solid base so you can fit something a little heavy in it, without it falling through.
I would also love to introduce you to the new In Colours for 2019-2021 which I think you will agree are pretty beautiful colours and they go so well with the core colours.

I also used a new Stamp Set that will be coming at the begining of June (for a free catalogue please fill iun the form)

Measurements and scoring

A piece of Cardstock Measuring 7′ by 8 1/2.
Score with the 7′ side up at 1/2′, 2 1/2′, 4 1/2′ and 6 1/2′
Turn and score at 2′, 4′, 6′ and 8.


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