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Christmas Decor painted tree

Welcome to the first Christmas craft of 2017, lots more to come. I decided that I wanted something Christmassy to on either side of my mantle (the rest of the year I hang some glass hearts given to me by a dear friend) and what is more Christmas than a tree. For this project you… Continue reading Christmas Decor painted tree


Stamped watercolour card

Welcome to another card make. For this card I decided to use my travel set of cotman watercolours, which was the first set of watercolours I purchased, but any watercolours will do. Don't be frigthened of watercolours, this is never going to be a work of art but it is all good pratice and the… Continue reading Stamped watercolour card


Bunch of blossoms watercolour postcard

Hello friends, Sorry for the weeks absent, It was half term and I have had a much-needed break for a few days. In this tutorial, I will show you how I have created this very simple and cute postcard using my new favourite medium watercolour. I have wanted to learn watercolour for ages and for… Continue reading Bunch of blossoms watercolour postcard